Music, Sound and Technology

Creativity Made Audible


Let's begin with a question: how important is sound? In general, our mediated world tends to have a bias towards the visual domain. The result is that sound can be taken for granted. This is an oversight. Around the world, a not so silent revolution is taking place. Each day, more than one billion pairs of headphones are in use. That's one billion people hooked into a private listening environment - most of whom are connected to the Internet through their mobile device accessing a global catalogue of creations.

On the Music, Sound and Technology (MST) programme, we believe that audio is the ultimate cultural medium. An information-rich environment incorporating music, speech and sound. Our brains work by association and so it should be little surprise to find that sound is integral to our lived experience. Consider the case of music alone: for many people, it is enjoyed as a standalone event. Yet, when attached to other media (film, game, software application, AR/VR), music becomes especially powerful.

In parallel, creative exploration is the motivation for everything we do. Hence our motto: creativity made audible. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and space to explore the future of music and sound. Not only how to create and manipulate audio, but also how to produce an overall user experience that is both compelling and relevant to the world in which we live.

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Welcome to the Music, Sound and Technology (MST) programme at Ulster University.

In the three videos below we present the key characteristics and goals of the MST programme. In short, what we do, how we do it, and why.

Each video is presented by a member of the course team, so you also get an opportunity to hear directly from the people that you'll be working with.

It is probably best to view the videos is sequence, starting with 1. and ending with 3. However, don't feel you have to view all three at once. Take your time...

Finally, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the team.

1. Introducing Music, Sound and Technology - Greg O'Hanlon, Course Director

2. Music Technology - John Harding, Learning Technologist

Welcome to Music, Sound and Technology

The course team are excited that you have chosen to study with us and we hope you are mutually excited about the learning opportunities that will be available to you over the next three or four (depending on how you choose to progress) years.

Given the ongoing health crisis, the University has determined that the safest option for all students and staff is to complete semester one using predominantly online tools. The MST programme has a great deal of experience developing and delivering materials utlising a wide range of software applications. We will provide extensive resources to support you in both the utilisation of these tools and your pursuit of the subject and all related areas.

Details for this year's Welcome Week are provided below. This is an evolving schedule of sessions, so please check back frequently.

All sessions will take place online using Discord.

If you have any questions, the Contact page will connect you directly to the course team.

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1200 - 1300--------------------Course Philosophy (Online)--------------------
1400 - 1530--------------------Course Structure & Tools (Online)--------------------